Professional Drill-Bit Sharpener

Tired of wasting money in the tool shed?
How many broken or blunt drill bits do you have lying around in your tool shed or tool box?
Vintek Professional Drill – Bit Sharpener can help you save time and money with this innovative and easy to use drill bit sharpener.
In fact the Vintek Professional Drill-Bit Sharpener is so easy to use that absolutely anybody can use it!
It’s portable enough to take it to the job, just use the portable carrying case it comes with and stop those nasty time wasting surprises happening at work.
Sharpens all drill bits from 2.5mm to 12.5mm and sharpens steel and masonry drill bits and regrinds bits to original specification.



  • Re-sharpens blunt and broken drill-bits
  • Sharpens steel and masonry drill bits from 2mm -12mm (0/32” – 1/2”)
  • 80 degree – 130 degree cutting angles to suit all drilling applications
  • White stone for steel drill-bits – green stone for carbide masonry drill-bits
  • Stone dressing stick
  • Complete with base plate
  • Powered by your electrical drill


$190 includes (GST) and Postage within Australia