Here’s what our customers have been saying…

We know that you’ll love the VINTEK Professional Drill-Bit Sharpener – it’s saved time and money for thousands of our customers. Here’s what they’ve said about our product and how it compares to others on the market.

It’s great – both sides of the drill-bit are the same angle, not like guessing by eye on a grinder.
As I am old and cannot see as well nowadays.

David C.

The carry case ensures you don’t lose any bits and pieces of the kit, and the base plate makes it portable, so you don’t need to screw it down to anything.

Frank S.

The best thing about it is that any type of drill will fit into the holding bracket so it is universal.

Danny B.

Works so well, that I can sharpen all my old drill-bits and I do not have to buy new drill-bits anymore, saves me a fortune.

Charlie C.

I got my teenage son to resharpen the whole bucket full of old blunt bits I had in the shed, he found it simple fun and we spent time together. Pocket Money earned!

Matt B.

I was down the back paddock and my drill- bit would not drill one more hole, normally I would have to drive all the way back to my farm shed to grab a new drill-bit, but I had the Vintek and it saved me time and money.

Troy S.

Compared to any other good quality drill-bit sharpener, it is so much cheaper and easier to use, no fiddling around due to the clever Cam System that takes all the guesswork out of the sharpening.

Jackie J.

It’s so idiot proof even I can get it right every time – even being a left-handed Pommy!

Kevy J.


Our professional drill-bit sharpener is one of the best on the market - we promise it will save you time and money!